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Airborne Systems

Airborne Systems, a division of HDT Global, is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of aerial delivery systems for personnel, cargo and humanitarian supplies for military use as well as space and aircraft recovery systems.

Airborne Systems will display its latest design in ram air parachute personnel systems, the Intruder® (RA-1), the new oxygen system SOLR™ 3000psi, showcase the cutting-edge technology in Guided Precision Aerial Delivery System with the MicroFly™ drogue fall system, and unveil its new Airborne Training Programs.

Look for us at booth # 7849

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Emmanuelle Celicout

P: (856) 382-2746
F: (856) 663-3028

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Exhibit Halls D-E, Booths 6015 - 8537 Level: 2

 Exhibit Halls D-E, Booths 6015 - 8537 Level: 2
  • 7849