TUT10 -- Gas Insulated Substations and Lines

Monday 5/7/12
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Gas insulated technology today covers gas insulated substations (GIS) and gas insulated transmission lines (GIL). The GIS technology is now used worldwide since more than 40 years and in large numbers. GIL was mostly used world-wide inside substations or special applications like cavern hydro power plant and find increasing interest also outside substations as an high power underground transmission technology.

The use of gas-insulated technology in North America is increasing due to the limited space in metropolitan areas, the high power ratings, the opposition coming from the public and the high reliability and availability of gas insulated substations and transmission lines. SF6 is the main insulating gas, which has a high global warming potential and is therefore restricted in use and has to follow precise handling processes. International Standards are defining requirements, testing and commissioning for the products of gas insulated technology.

The full day tutorial is structured in modules, which starts with basic information on the theory of gas-insulated technology. It gives deeper views on special topics related to SF6 GIS and GIL. A wide part of the tutorial is giving examples of typical applications and explains the reasons why GIS or GIL was chosen. The tutorial content has an international outreach and was created by users, manufacturers and consultants from all over the world.

The tutorial content is focused on engineers who actually work on high voltage substation projects or who might start soon. The content has a practical orientation and is presented by experts which long time experiences in projects. The goal is to give an overview to the tutorial attendee about the gas insulated technology, how it can be used and what he shall think of when planning and ordering such equipment.


George Becker - Presenter
The United Illuminating Company
John Brunke - Presenter
Consulting Engineer
Markus Etter - Presenter
ABB, Inc.
Patrick Fitzgerald - Presenter
CGIT Systems
Hermann Koch - Presenter
Sector Energy, Power Transmission
Dave Solhtalab - Presenter
Pacific Gas and Electric company (PG&E)

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