WAM01 -- Minorities In Power

Tuesday 5/8/12
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Paper & Panel Sessions

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This session will discuss the roles and importance of women and minorities in the Power Industry. The session will explore the following topics: the aging workforce, the importance of diversity in the power industry, and women and minorities in the power industry.
Our panel will include experts from the Power Industry.
Wanda Reder - VP of Power Systems Services, S&C Electric Company, "Building our Energy Future One Person at a Time"
DeWanda Smith-Soeder - Sr Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Progress Energy, "Diversity and Inclusion Powers Innovation"
Beth Young - Director of Energy Control Center, Tampa Electric, "Women in the Power Industry"
Andre Uribe - Senior VP of Business Development and Co-Founder, Power Grid Engineering, Inc., "Minorities in the Power Industry"


Kristy Baksh - Moderator
Progress Energy Florida
Chris LaRussa - Moderator
Florida Reliability Coordinating Council
Wanda Reder - Panelist
VP of Power Systems Services
S&C Electric Company
DeWanda Smith-Soeder - Panelist
Sr Diversity and Inclusion Consultant
Progress Energy
Andre Uribe - Panelist
Senior VP of Business Development and Co-Founder
Power Grid Engineering, Inc.,
Beth Young - Panelist
Director of Energy Control Center
Tampa Electric

Located at...

Orange County Convention Center Level: 3

Orange County Convention Center  Level: 3
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