Cutie Patootie Clothing Inc.

Cutie Patootie Clothing, Inc. is LA's leading wholesaler in Girls & Boys from infant to tween. Our company carries everything from cute fashion tops, jeans, shorts, dresses, backpacks, accessories, and much more! We strive to create fun, fashionable, high-quality clothing that lasts. You can find our merchandise and brands in boutique stores, department stores, and catalogues.
Toddler's 2t--4t Girl's 4--6x , 7--14 Boy's 4--7 , 8--14 Girl's Tops/ Cool Colored Jeans / Hoodies/Pajamas / Colorful Short / Stripes Tank / Legging / Sock / Undies / Uniform/ Backpack BOOTH #1712, 1713, 1714, 1715

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Sands Expo & Convention Center Halls: A & B

Sands Expo & Convention Center Halls: A & B
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