KIOTO Clear Energy S.A. de C.V.

KIOTO Clear Energy S.A. de C.V. provides rapid and pragmatic solutions for customer-specific requirements and, as an OEM partner, a dependable long-term approach based on co-operation. As such we offer our customers adequate production capacity of world-class standard and the widest range of certified solar thermal collectors and absorbers adapted to the needs of regional markets.

GREENoneTEC is the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality solar thermal collectors and related mounting systems. The company supplies 100 % of its products as customer-specific OEM versions to key manufacturers of heating systems and specialists and distributors of solar systems. Large-scale industrial production ensures consistently high product quality, optimal use of resources and quick implementation of customer-focused solutions.

FK 8231 Mediterrano Frame Collector:
The Mediterrano is the custom-designed collector for regions with maritime and desert-like conditions. It is equipped with a corrosion-resistant absorber, a highly selective coating to combat sea air and an optimized ventilation concept to keep out blowing sand. The FK 8231 is based on a minimum number of individual components and assembled on a robotic production line at GREENoneTEC. Equipped with a modular mounting system, the Mediterrano can be used for both flat-roof and on-roof installations.

GK 3100 Large-size Collector:
GREENoneTEC manufactures large-size collectors of the GK 3100 series in the standard sizes 5 m² (5,98 sq yd) and 10 m² (11,96 sq yd). The special design of the absorber and the attractive performance data make these collectors ideal for large solar thermal systems. The optimized mounting system, which permits time-saving installation by crane, and simple connection considerably reduce the overall time and effort required to install the system.



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