Clean Power Research

Clean Power Research is a leading provider of irradiance data, software, research and consulting services that support the planning, selling and operation of solar energy systems. Utilities, energy agencies, engineers, developers, manufacturers, installers and financiers rely on Clean Power Research for more bankable analysis, better planning and operations, efficient incentive management and faster sales cycles.

Clean Power Research powers intelligent energy decisions by taking the complexity out of analyzing the economic and operational impact of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Product and services include:

Solar Prediction

Clean Power Research’s industry-leading solar irradiance data and analytical tools support all phases of project development, from site identification and verification, to power production forecasting.  Solar prediction services include SolarAnywhere®, the premier irradiance time-series source for the U.S. and Hawaii with hourly irradiance estimates from 1998 to the present hour, plus seven day advance forecasts. SolarAnywhere’s PV simulation tools support a variety of PV project analysis, from estimating long-term power generation potential at a single project location, to predicting variability and forecasting demand of a fleet of PV systems.

Program Optimization

Web-based program management and performance benchmarking services provided by PowerClerk® and PVCheck® automate the administration of clean energy and energy efficiency incentive and rebate programs.

PowerClerk’s web-based platform optimizes workflows and enables efficient submittal and processing of incentive applications, reducing energy agency and utility administration costs, and improving customer service.

PVCheck helps PV system owners answer the question “is my system performing as it should?” and built-in simulation capabilities make it possible for incentive program administrators to generate program-wide energy production estimates and performance indices based on the systems of participating users.

Economic Valuation

Clean Power Estimator®, QuickQuotes™ and PowerBill™ software applications and web services support the sale of clean energy and energy efficiency technologies with fast, accurate analysis of project costs and benefits.

As the leading online solar calculator, Clean Power Estimator incorporates nationwide data on utility rates, energy resources and incentives to quickly generate detailed, personalized estimates of the economic, energy and environmental benefits of a variety of clean energy technologies.

QuickQuotes, the original online system for generating high-quality sales quotes for PV systems, enables manufacturers, resellers, dealers and installers to quickly generate proposals with deep energy and financial analysis for residential or commercial projects.

PowerBill’s collections of web services synthesize detailed electric bills from submitted load data. With before and after energy bills produced by PowerBill, it’s easy to evaluate the impact of any technology that uses, saves or generates electricity.


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