Concentrator Photovoltaics: Understanding the Technology and Related Implications for Scaled Deployment

Monday 10/17/11
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




This one-day seminar is targeted to provide project developers, utilities, and others in the renewable energy sector with an in-depth look into all aspects of the commercial implementation of Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) solutions. After a brief overview of the state of the technology including current and projected roadmaps and advancements, the workshop would move into sessions on specific key areas. The financial analysis aspects of CPV power plants will be presented, bringing to the forefront the similarities and differences between CPV projects and other PV technologies. Energy yield, test metrics, risk premiums will be discussed by both solution providers and project finance experts. Attendees will learn from system providers, engineering firms and contractors who have designed and deployed power plants utilizing CPV technology, the various issues and opportunities around deployment. Operations and maintenance will be discussed from the viewpoints of the technology, estimating costs over life of projects, and the requirements and opportunities for maximizing energy yield over life of a project. Included in the workshop will be virtual tours of the CPV deployments which have occurred in the past 18 months including interviews with plant financers, owners, and EPCs. Who should attend? Renewable energy project developers, Public, Municipal, and Investor-owned utilities, particularly in high solar resource regions such as the southwest US, Energy directors for public organizations including military, water works, education, etc. where there is an interest in optimizing energy production from limited land areas with technology that has a light environmental footprint, Industry professionals wanting to know more about the latest activities and statistics of CPV technology. The workshop is being organized by the CPV Consortium, a global industry organization that was created to support the development and long-term success of the Concentrator Photovoltaics industry with the goal of providing a low-cost, reliable source of renewable energy. Providing developers, utilities and related interested parties with detailed and complete information on the technology is a key part of the organizations charter.


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Dallas Convention Center  Level: 1 - Ground Level
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