3TIER is a global leader in wind and solar resource assessment and forecasting. We use state-of-the-art weather science to help the energy industry manage renewable energy risk – anywhere on earth and across all time horizons. It's not just data. It's relevant and actionable intelligence. We provide the context our clients need to balance financial risk with opportunity. 3TIER enables companies around the world to optimally site, design, finance, and operate projects with confidence.

A Trusted Name in Solar

3TIER has worked with clients in very challenging climates across the globe, including several of the largest utility-scale projects currently in development around the world. 3TIER also provided resource assessments for a majority of the shortlisted project applications for the Australian Government's Solar Flagships program.

  • Performed work on all 6 continents
  • Assessed over 1.2 GW of proposed solar projects
  • Helped developers secure over $4.6 billion in solar project investment
  • Developed state-of-the-art solar forecasting system in partnership with one of the Southwest's largest utilities and solar power producers


3TIER's global solar dataset offers over a decade of regularly updated, hourly solar resource data anywhere in the world. This high-resolution dataset is based on state-of-the-art satellite modeling techniques and provides the foundation for all of 3TIER's solar offerings. Our products help stakeholders manage risk at each stage of a project's life cycle, from initial siting through ongoing operations. We provide quick, accurate answers to questions about solar variability and its impact on energy production.

Solar Dataset Features

  • Spatial resolution of ~3 km
  • 12+ years of hourly GHI, DNI, and DIF
  • Based on over a decade of satellite data with continual updates
  • Validated and developed using widely recognized datasets worldwide
  • Multiple delivery formats

Prospecting: Quickly Explore Solar Resources Around the World

Save time and money by targeting the best locations for solar energy projects and infrastructure. 3TIER lets you quickly explore any location around the world directly from your computer. Now you can avoid problem sites and separate successful projects from marginal ones earlier in the process. Our on-demand, initial solar resource assessments are based on a consistent, global dataset so you can compare sites with confidence.

Site Assessment: Maximize Accuracy with State-of-the-Art Science

Direct measurements are the best way to record actual solar conditions and unique, localized effects at a site. However, it takes 10+ years to capture climatic variability, which can make or break a project financially, and few measurement campaigns have records extending that far back in time. To mitigate this risk, 3TIER uses on-site measurements to correct our long-term satellite data with advanced statistical techniques. The result is significantly reduced uncertainty about future project performance and the bankable production estimates required to secure project financing.

Solar Energy Forecasting

Every day more solar power comes onto the grid, making integration and energy trading an ever-greater challenge. 3TIER's PowerSight Solar Forecast is statistically corrected using our long-term solar dataset and available on-site data. The forecast helps you make quick, risk-based decisions that impact energy production, operational costs, and ultimately profitability by putting the most accurate forecast information at your fingertips. PowerSight was created through a partnership with one of the Southwest's largest utilities and solar energy producers and has been piloted, tested, and improved based on performance in real world applications at actual utility-scale solar projects.

Solar Asset Management

For managing your solar assets, 3TIER puts recent solar performance in context so you understand the risks and implications of variability at every potential or existing project in your portfolio. 3TIER's Solar Reconciliation service enables you to optimize and diversify your portfolio of assets and make sure projects are operating at optimum levels. When performance guarantees are not met and a project is in danger of default, 3TIER can perform a full Solar Project Forensic Analysis to help isolate issues related to solar variability so you can identify the systemic cause of underperformance.


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