FLIR Commercial Systems

FLIR handheld thermal imaging cameras for predictive maintenance programs and FLIR security cameras are rapidly becoming essential tools for solar installations. By detecting and showing hotter areas of resistance, handhelds help identify soiled, shaded, and failing cells, so repairs and replacements can be planned to prevent service interruptions, while FLIR security cameras protect solar power investments with remote continuous monitoring. Visit booth #836 at SPI to see how FLIR  can help grow your business and keep arrays safe.

FLIR’s new T440 infrared camera is an extremely efficient way to conduct maintenance surveys of solar panels. Its rotating optical block lets you point the lens up or down 120° while keeping the display comfortably in view, making it easy to inspect the underside of panels for malfunctioning cells. Unlike old-school IR thermometers that only read one spot at a time, infrared cameras capture a whole scene and thousands of temperatures in every thermal image to instantly show heat signatures that indicate problems. See the new T440 at booth #836.

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Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2

Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2
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