Carling Technologies

Leading manufacturer of Circuit Breakers and Disconnects ideally suited for photovoltaic system combiner boxes and main disconnects.

Renewable Energy Circuit Breakers & Disconnects
When you integrate Carling Technologies circuit breakers into your renewable energy generating systems, you are guaranteed maximum protection against harmful overcurrent. Further, Carling’s circuit breakers utilize the hydraulic/magnetic principal offering many advantages over other thermal, thermal magnetic circuit breakers and fuses currently available. In other words, using Carling Technologies circuit breakers protects not only the power system itself, but it also safeguards the structure where these systems are installed by eliminating the fire hazard that can be caused by overcurrent.

Featuring the CX-Series Circuit Breaker:

This innovative, best in class circuit breaker features hydraulic/ magnetic over-current sensing technology providing stable performance even in the harshest environments. Its innovative, patent pending arc quenching design allows the breaker to handle high amperage and DC voltage applications
and it has an industry best rating of 100A, 600VDC in a compact 2-pole configuration! The CX-Series circuit breaker guarantees maximum protection and efficiency for photovoltaic systems.

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Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2

Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2
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