Boen Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

BOEN is one of the leading manufacturers of solar thermal collectors and solar water heating systems. BOEN's products can be adapted to many situations depending on our customer’s needs. For example, our collectors can be installed on the facade of a building, on balcony, and of course integrated into a building’s roof. And our collectors have been successfully applied in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

Our parent company, TopSun, has had great success in the mechanical manufacturing industry and has developed a wide range of abilities. This has allowed BOEN to develop rapidly and efficiently. In just one year, BOEN has built an automatic production line with a complete system of on-line inspection procedures, quality control and testing platforms. We currently produce 200,000 square meters of solar collectors every year. Over 90% of our production equipment is made by our parent company, including many installation brackets and other accessories.

BOEN’s collectors have a patented design. All our products have obtained international certifications including the CE, Solar Keymark, CETL and SRCC. Furthermore, our products are currently undergoing rigorous testing in Australia, Sweden, South Korea, and Israel.

We have a very strong and competent team constantly researching and developing our products. We are currently manufacturing and selling our first generation, flow-type collectors. Our second generation, heat-pipe collector, is currently under development and testing. We plan to release it at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. In addition to our individual solar thermal panels, we have also developed a wide range of solar products, such as our façade-style collectors, a hot water system that can be installed on a balcony, a solar station, etc. Furthermore, we are researching a medium temperature collector while developing our second generation products.


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Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2

Orange County Convention Center Expo Halls: A - D Level: 2
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