Achieve greater efficiency through reduced starch consumption and energy use with RhemCorr™ rheology modifier. As part of Cargill’s continuing innovation efforts within the industry, this modifier lowers starch adhesive cost by promoting more consistent adhesive film development, more accurate adhesive transfer to the flute tip, and greater glue line uniformity.

Market competitiveness, increasing environmental regulations, and wider and faster corrugating and converting equipment puts tough demands on corrugated board manufacturers. Since starch was first used as an adhesive, Cargill has been providing innovative industrial starch solutions to the corrugated board industry to help meet these demands. Stop by booth 1648 to speak with one of Cargill’s skilled specialists and experience the SimCorrugator®, an innovative software package that simulates real production environments to evaluate energy, starch, chemical and water usage, plus carbon emissions, throughout the board manufacturing process.

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