8 New Ways For Team-Building: Interactive Events


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Most team-building activities are designed for corporate teams or small groups of employees. However, many interactive events can be tailored for large group meetings like conferences or retreats. Team Building Activities Singapore are a great way to have fun and bond with your colleagues and teammates.

Here are some new ideas you may want to try the next time you have a big event coming up.

  • Team building scavenger hunts can be done in large spaces by dividing into small teams and having them work together to find all of the items on a list. The first team back wins!
  • Team members design their own games, which other people then have to play as if they were new players. Designing games is not challenging; you simply need rules for how the game progresses, what tools are available or allowed, and why someone has won or lost (e.g., points). You could also make up fun questions that everyone answers simultaneously with “yes” or “no.”
  • Team members can work together to create a group brainstorming activity. One person is the recorder and writes down ideas that other team members suggest, then they read their list of suggestions out loud, so everyone has an idea of what’s been generated up until this point.
  • Team discussions about different aspects of teamwork; you could have each teammate talk for one minute at a time or just listen as others discuss various topics like how they got along with teammates today, some things they learned recently from another co-worker, etc., answering any questions that the other teammates may have.
  • Team members can work together to create a group brainstorming activity, where every person takes turns coming up with ideas, and then they put them into categories of tasks that need doing or points lost (e.g., points).

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