A Couple’s Easy Guide For Finalizing The Wedding Venue!


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Brides often have the toughest time selecting the right wedding dress, but finding the right venue for the big day is not easier either. When it comes to the wedding venue, there are a few things to consider, which extends beyond the obvious budget. You can keep a check on your planned costs, but yes, do consider some of these aspects, as well.

Facilities on offer

Many couples don’t like the idea of planning every minute detail, so selecting a venue that offers all the facilities like white glove services and catering is a good idea of sorts. Of course, you have to discuss every aspect of it, and if possible, you also have to negotiate on prices too. This also saves time because you won’t be discussing things separately with the vendor, caterer and decorator. Many known options like Le Crystal wedding venue in Montreal even have their in-house wedding planners, who can assist with theme and things like that.

Location, parking and capacity

These are three major aspects that matter in selecting a wedding venue. Ideally, you should have your guest list ready before actually looking for venues, because the capacity of the hall or venue is important. Make sure that the space is enough for the guests to move around, because you would want everyone to be served well. The location is another thing that needs attention, mainly because accessibility determines whether people would come in the first place. As for the parking, you expect your guests to arrive in cars, so there should be adequate space, if not more.

Availability counts

Don’t be surprised to know that many wedding venues are booked months in advance, so don’t wait for the last minute to find a surprise deal. In fact, you are likely to save more if you choose to book early after negotiations. The wedding venue should be available for the big day and arrangements. Most weddings have a theme, and arranging all the things requires a bit of time on that day or a day before.

Finally, take a moment to breathe. It’s your wedding, and you want things to be absolutely perfect, which is fine, but don’t stress on it. Paying a tad more for a more well-organized and arranged venue is always a better idea, because you can save considerable effort in other arrangements. Do make a shortlist and check each of the venues in person.

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