All You Need To Know About Self-defence: Basics, Situations And Tips


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Do you work in the security industry? Do you feel that your life is in danger? Do you live in a less-protected area of the city? Let’s be practical about one thing: the cops will never always be there to protect us.

This expresses the significance of self-defence in any environment you are. This post will discuss the basics of self-defence, unfavourable situations that are common and some incredible tips to ensure your safety no matter what.

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In simple words, self-defence can be described as protecting oneself in an unfavourable situation. It requires the right balance of mind and body to make sure that you not only have a countermeasure for the attacker but are also calm enough to handle the situation well. It may all sound straightforward; however, in the event of an attack, most people lose their cool, get nervous, frightened and anxious; all these cause an imbalance, which may have deadly consequences.


You can never be sure of anything around you; the world is an uncertain place, which surprises you every day; maybe positively or negatively. We are more concerned about the latter because that can be averted with a little help. The following are some typical situations, which can be avoided with some self-defence techniques:

  1. Burglar

What if a burglar enters your place and you see him? Are you capable enough to fight him or will you wait for the authorities to arrive? It is advisable to wait for the cops, but what if the burglar sees you too? What if he attacks you before heading out of your place? Ever thought about that? You may hire an experienced security guard from OGS Group or similar security services, but knowing some safety techniques will help greatly in the future.

  1. Attacker

It is a vague term because there can be millions of situations in which you may come across a person or a group of people, who would try to cause you harm. It can happen anywhere, anytime, especially the lanes that not many walk on. You may take on a single attacker, but what if he’s armed with a knife or a gun? What if he tries to attack you from behind? You cannot always be prepared for it; accept this.

  1. Wild animal

If you are fond of the wilderness, then such situations may have already come your way. However, you should learn safe methods to tackle them entirely. What if you come face-to-face with a wild animal on your camping trip? Obviously, you cannot fight all the animals in the jungle, but you should know how to utilise your surroundings to protect yourself from such deadly situations.

Tips for self-defence

Not all heroes wear capes; some just know how to handle such situations with care. Instead of being a dumbstruck bloke being attacked mercilessly, give ‘em a fight. The following tips will help to keep the damage to a minimum:

  • The primary advice is to stay calm because if you panic, you are bound to make a wrong decision that may cost you yours or someone else’s life.
  • Keeping a pepper spray or knife in your bag is always handy in these types of situations. You may not have the strength to fight back, but you can still scare them off.
  • Know the weak points of the body, so that you can harm the attacker severely, even if he’s too strong for you. Eyes, nose, ears, Adam’s Apple and groin, etcetera are some surprisingly weak parts of everyone’s body that should be attacked first, when you are in an unsafe situation.
  • Learning a martial arts’ style is vital to be confident in such situations. You don’t have to be a master in it; just learn the basics from an expert to always be ready for a countermeasure.
  • Your self-defence will be as efficient as your ability to assess a situation, i.e. you cannot fight a group of heavily-armed attackers with bare hands. Sometimes, the best self-defence approach is to stay off the mark until the authorities arrive.

The importance of self-defence is self-explanatory because every one of us wants to live safely and happily, so you should know when to fight back and when to keep your cool.

Stay alert! Stay safe!

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