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Participating in the writing contests is such an exciting experience. If you want to participate in the writing contests the first prerequisite is finding the best contests. As more and more writers are participating in the writing contests, the number of contests are also increasing online. Initially I used to think that it is an advantage but only later I realized that these contests are only making things difficult for me because I am not able to find the right contests.

Most of the contests featured online are not clean contests. They are there either to collect the entry fee and disappear or to collect user data to sell to marketing companies. I used to have a very horrible time participating in these contests. Such an experience makes one get discouraged. Luckily before I gave up completely, I found this resource which has enabled me to participate in writing contests easily.

This is a free writing contests directory where I am able to find numerous contests that I could participate. All the contests listed here are clean contests and that means I do not have to worry about losing my money or wasting my time. When I submit my work to these contests, I get some response a consolation that my work is reaching some genuine resources. Number of times, I have also received some good feedback from the contest organisers which enables me to improve my writing skills. No other resource I came across so far offered me such a dependable list of writing contests.

I have made some money as well participating in the contests. I win some exciting prizes as these contests come with interesting cash prizes. I like these contests as they are not only clean but I also have a chance to win the prizes.

One would think that a resource like this would charge the users some kind of subscription fee and interestingly, this is a totally free website. There are no strings attached whatsoever. This website does not promote or market any contests or products. I am free to choose any contest of my choice. All the contests are featured with contest information and due dates. All the outdated contests are cleaned up daily. This saves a lot of time for me as I am not required to waste my time checking outdated contests.

At no point of time user’s personal information is collected in this website. All these makes this resource my top hub for finding the best writing contests. Any day, any time, I feel like participating in some writing contests, I just need to visit this website. I do not have to worry any longer about spending my time on unproductive task of screening the contests. Every single contest I come across here is a clean, free contest that I could trust. I can confidently sign up for any contest here knowing that they are safe and that I could get some response when I submit my work.

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