Cool Birthday Party Venue Ideas for Teenagers


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When your teenage son or daughter’s birthday is on the horizon, it is time to think about the celebration, which is a time for their close friends to wish them all the best. Of course, you can host the party at home, but that does limit the activities somewhat, and with that in mind, here are a few cool birthday party venues to consider for your teenage offspring’s birthday.

  1. Paintball – Who doesn’t love a paintball war? Search online for a paintball venue and you can book a half day when the party participants can split into two teams and after some instruction, let the battle commence. There would be a range of options and possibly other activities that teenagers might like, such as zip-lining and kayaking. One of the birthday party venues in Knoxville TN would be ideal and you can book online.
  2. Turn it into a project – Some forward-thinking parents use a birthday party as a challenge; you could hire a local hall, give your son/daughter a budget and let them arrange a party. This offers an opportunity to organise an event, which is valuable life experience for any teenager.
  3. Hiking – Teenagers have a lot of energy, and you could arrange a guided group hike, whereby an experienced guide takes the group on a challenging hike. Google can help you locate an established experience gift company and they would be able to tailor the tour to suit.
  4. Water parks – Find a nearby waterpark and see if they have special party programs; the chances are they will and most are happy to accept groups. Rather than simply trying out different rides, a staff member would give them numerous challenges, which they could do individually or in teams.
  5. Skateboard park – Every teenager loves skateboarding and if you have the time, you could be the team leader and set out a schedule. Bring a few frisbees and footballs if there is a piece of grass nearby and you can arrange for an ice-cream truck to attend and you settle the account later.
  6. Themed party – Tell your son/daughter to choose a theme and you can set about transforming the home, while the guests can be informed in advance, so they can dress suitably. It might be Star Wars, or the Swinging Sixties, or anything that they are into; if you get creative, it’s surprising what can be done with colored paper and ribbons.
  7. Treasure hunt – If you have time, why not choose a nearby forest hike and set about placing clues for the kids to find. Create a list (10-15 items) and compose sentences as clues to the locations. Divide the kids into two teams and give each player a list of clues with a clear explanation of the rules.
  8. Movie theatre – If there is a blockbuster film just out, why not book a group balcony? Most cinemas have group seats, usually on the top floor; you could watch the movie and then prepare a list of questions they have to answer when the movie has finished. Teenagers love anything competitive, so draw up two teams.

Google can help you if you need some birthday party venue inspiration and your son or daughter should have some input, of course.

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