Crowd Control Barriers to Ensure Everyone’s Safety at your Events


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Installing crowd control barriers is necessary to keep everyone at any event or venue safe. But, they should be set up properly to achieve their purpose. Aside from crowd control, successful events require plenty of planning that includes choosing the right fencing option and defining particular activity zones.

Crowd Control Tips

To successfully control the crowd in your event, consider the following tips:

  • Plan in advance. If you have a scheduled event, think about crowd control. You need to plan out barriers based on how big or small the crowd would be. Look for fencing alternatives that suit the size of the people you are expecting. Also, you must plan to have enough number of personnel on site. Ensure you have an emergency action plan in case of a worst case scenario.
  • Ensure the visibility of crowd control tools. In case you are directing people along the barriers, make sure there is a visible path for people to follow. Put signage to inform people about where to queue, where to purchase tickets or refreshments, and where they can find the toilets and exits. This ensures people can move in a more orderly manner.
  • Ensure your team is properly trained. You can only successfully control the crowd in an event when your staff is properly trained to do exactly what they are told to. Thus, make sure they know how to keep queues moving and maintain order in the event. Also, your people must be briefed and prepared for emergencies or when violence happens.

  • Set Up the barrier before the crowd gathers. Plan to have your crowd control barrier set up a few hours before people begin to arrive. It is nearly impossible to set it up effectively when people are around.

Choosing the Right Crowd Control Barrier

Planning an event should include the installation of temporary fencing and appropriate barricades. Below are the primers on the kinds of short-term site barriers:

  • Steel barricades. These barriers can effectively separate participants from spectators at your events such as holiday parades, motorcycle races, and marathons. These barricades are strong, versatile, and cost-effective. They can be installed easily and moved if needed. Steel barricades are perfect for outdoor events no matter the weather conditions will be.
  • Vinyl event fences. These fences are classic, elegant, and easy to assemble. They are often found in country clubs, festivals, charity events, and others. These fences come with panels which lock together with discrete connecting pieces to create a contiguous barrier. You can rotate, turn, or set these connecting devices for more barrier stability. View our fencing ideas to know more about fencing options.
  • Chain link fence. You can choose to use post-driven chain link for events of longer duration such as recurring summer programs, seasonal markets, and county fairs. You can also avail of chain link panels for events such as concerts, festivals, and community fairs which require a secure enclosure for a short period of time. Metal stands hold up panels and secure them by clamps and bolts.

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