Escape Room Singapore; Birthday Fun and More


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If you’re stuck in your houses during the pandemic on your birthday and have no resolve whatsoever, you don’t have to become all upset about it. Birthdays are special, and you have the right to make them extra special for yourself, irrespective of what.

Surely you can celebrate your birthday with your family, but there’s this certain part in your that wants to have fun with your friends  But don’t worry, escape room Singapore Service comes to the rescue. You can host your birthday party in a virtual Escape room and have an amazing time with your friends.

Or if you’re on the other side and want your friend to have an amazing day on their birthday, give them a grand surprise without visiting them and worrying about social distancing.

What are Escape Room Services?

In simple words, these are Services that will let your group join a virtual meeting on their platform and enjoy whatever storyline you picked. In addition, there will be multiple games such as puzzles, riddles, and many more for you to enjoy.

These are usually an hour session, and the cost depends on the type of storyline you’ll he is choosing, but you can customize timings, extend them more if you’d like by contacting the service provider.

You would usually have to make and confirm the booking nearly 5-7 working days prior so that you can get the best service possible.

The number of people doesn’t matter, with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of unlimited, and you can throw a grand surprise for your friend or an amazing birthday party for yourself and not regret it one bit.

You can schedule them anytime you want, and the professionals assist you for a smoother and better overall experience.

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