Four Mistakes you Should Not Make when Planning your Event


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Every event manager will want to ensure things run smoothly. However, with a lot of moving pieces, people involved, and services, they can easily make mistakes. Sometimes, mishaps cannot be avoided; however, most event organisers can make common errors at some point in their career. If you are an event manager, you want to avoid making the following mistakes to ensure the success of your event:

Failing to Allocate the Right Skills and Resources

For your event to run successfully, you need to have enough wait staff or welcoming people.
Communication is paramount to avoid resource issues. It is important that you have access to up-to-date information on how many attendees are expected, menus, venue setup, schedules, and others. Create a direct line of communication with the venue manager from the get-go.

Moreover, you can solve the skill issue with career development and communication. Meet with your event management team to now their individual skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. You should know who you can count on in terms of planning the event and ensuring everything goes smoothly as planned.

Failing to Schedule a Walkthrough with the Venue Team

There are many ways you can communicate the details of your event. But, depending only on documents to paint a picture of the event can result in mishaps. That is why you must walk through your planned itinerary with the venue manager. Discuss every moment and detail.

Failing to Plan for Changes

Changes in the event can happen and if you have an alternative plan for these changes, they would cause a domino effect that will leave everything off track. Should there be changes to the event, you must inform your venue contact about these and plan accordingly. The changes can be both good and bad and you want to ensure you are prepared for the worst. Whether you are holding a congress at a salle congres montérégie or a conference, ensure you plan for both what is expected and what’s not.

Not Confirming Vendors

Average event vendors are expected to serve several clients across various categories. Therefore, they are dealing with lots of other clients. To make sure they can cater to your needs, get a verbal or email confirmation from them two days before the setup date. Typically, you want to prefer a written confirmation since this can spell out your expectations and ask the vendors to reply in writing also.

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