Four Tips for Planning a Corporate Event Catering


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There are many reasons to host a corporate event such as to promote a product, increase brand awareness or celebrate a milestone. Corporate events are a perfect way for your people to get out of the office and feel excited. Naturally, the majority of such events feature catering and your chosen caterer can significantly affect the success of your event.

With good food, your guests will remember your event for many years. However, do you know how to pick a good catering company? Here are some tips to help you:

Determine a Budget for the Event

Before planning your corporate event, set a budget you can afford to spend on it. Your budget should cover expenses such as for the venue, catering service, decorations, and others. Once you determine your budget including the catering service budget, you can have the confidence to meet with a caterer that you can afford.

Determine the Final Headcount

The final headcount will determine the size of the catering service you need. If you are looking to have many guests, you will need to hire a caterer that specializes in bigger events. This is because some of them specialize only in small, intimate events. Knowing the number of guests you expect to come to your event can help your caterer estimate how much food and drinks they have to prepare and serve.

Choose a Variety of Food Options

It can be tricky to cater for corporate events, especially that your guests can have varying diet restrictions. Planning for a variety of appetizing food options is important to ensure every guest has something to satisfy their cravings with.

The best provider of corporate catering Plymouth must be able to design a menu which works for your event. Take the time to talk to your caterer about various menu options ensuring there are options for every kind of eater.

Decide on Whether or Not to Have a Bar

Depending on the kind of corporate event you are hosting, you may want to have a temporary bar set up at the venue. A bar particularly works if you are holding a party or gala and want to offer cocktails to your guests all night long. However, a bar may not be necessary for a corporate conference.

To make your corporate event as memorable as possible, hire a good caterer that will contribute to the success of your event. Choose a caterer based on the reputation they have in the industry. Ask some friends or family members for recommendations or research online to find the right caterer for your event.

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