Lap Dance Etiquette To Keep in Mind When The Strippers Come By


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We know it’s good fun whenever you find yourself at a party where strippers have been invited, but did you know there are some common etiquette tips to follow wherever you find yourself where there are strippers hired in Perth

Here are our tips for lap dance etiquette, so you stay classy on a night out.

No Kissing Allowed

No matter where you are, it’s not good form to try and kiss girls. But this goes especially for strippers. They are professionals, and they don’t want their personal space being taken over, even if it’s a lap dance. If you feel like you want to kiss the strippers, just ask them politely and they’ll let you know how they feel. 

Ask First & Be Kind

Following on from the above, no matter what you feel like doing you should ask. This goes for touching, kissing, and where to put your hands during the dance. In addition, if the girl says she doesn’t want you to touch her, just be polite and carry on with your day, there’s no need to get angry or upset ( no matter how much booze you’ve had), after all, you’re all here to have a good time!

Tip If You Can

If you like the show you’ve received, feel free to tip the strippers. Most of their earnings come from tips, even in Australia, so it’s well received and shows you as a classy gentleman who knows how to thank people for a job well done. In the case of tipping, cash is still best, but some dancers do have a cash app you can send money to.

Don’t Have Attitude

No one likes a cocky guy who thinks he runs the show. Most of the time if there are strippers at a party, it’s a Bucks night, and the only cocky guy allowed is the groom, but even then, being rude or trying to prove yourself to the girls is not a good look. It’s better to just be relaxed and charming and have a good time. After all, the strippers aren’t there to sleep with you, they’re going to provide a service, and that’s all. 

Don’t Be Weird

This is a pretty straightforward one, don’t tell the girls that they remind you of an ex, or tell them about your random fetishes (we’re not shaming you, it’s just not the time or place). Remember that the girls do not care about you or what you do, they’re also not therapists. They’re going to dance and you should be entertained, but that’s it. 

Don’t Smell Unpleasant

The girls are getting up close and personal when it comes to a lap dance, so make sure you’re presentable. Load up on the deodorant and cologne and touch up during the night if you have to. This is just a great idea in general for approachability and good hygiene, but especially so if there are dancers around. 

Just Have Fun

A party is a time to go out and have a good time, and a lap dance is just icing on the cake. Just have some general good manners, and you’re guaranteed to have a great night. Remember, if you want to hire the best strippers for a lap dance, you should call Charlie’s Angels  in Perth! 

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