Marquee Decoration Ideas for All Occasions


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Marquee hire has become more and more popular in recent years. You get to choose the location, the size and the shape of the space, the theme and the decor, everything you need to suit the type of party or occasion, for weddings, birthdays and a multitude of events. Our team put together a list of marquee decoration ideas, so you can have the perfect event.

Choosing the Right Marquee

There are different types of marquees, for all occasions, from framed marquees and traditional marquees to bell tents and stretch tents.

  • Framed Marquees – have a clear span, can be installed anywhere, have winter stability, are safe and there is a flexible use of space. Can be used for weddings, birthday parties and social events.
  • Traditional Marquees – have romantic features, supporting poles which adds a little extra space and they’re safe. Mostly used for weddings and engagements.
  • Bell Tents – they’re comfortable, round and roomy. Great for groups, for festivals or just as a chill out area.
  • Pagoda Marquees – great as an entrance tent, for corporate events, or in the back garden for a get together.
  • Stretch Tents – are adaptable and suitable for all weather. Can be used for an evening cocktail party, a concert or a festival.


According to Richard from Crystal Marquee Hire “Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of any event. Depending on the type of occasion, there’s a range of different types of lighting schemes you can choose from.”  You’ll need romantic lights for weddings and engagements such as decorative chandeliers, night skies and fairy lighting; LED uplighters, parcans and lighting bars for parties and concerts and hanging lanterns, Moroccan lanterns in different styles and festoon lighting for cocktail parties and fancy dinner parties.


To make sure your event goes smoothly, you need to have the right furniture in to accommodate the guests and staff. It all depends on location, weather, occasion and budget. You might need heaters and generators for any events that might be happening in the winter. Great locations require clear roof panels, clear panoramic window panels and maybe Georgian windows. For larger events, you’ll need tables, chairs, sofas, a dance floor, bar units, stage units and even coat rails. You can also choose the style of the furniture, according to the theme you pick.


This is where you can have all the fun when organising an event. The decorations you pick will set the mood and style of the occasion. You can choose from classic styles, romantic styles, vintage, funky, oriental, boho and much more. The hanging decorations can be anything from leaves, balloons, paper lanterns, ribbons and even novelty items such as giant venetian masks and different sized objects. There’s also centrepieces,  buntings, swags and flowers to take into consideration, as well as accessorising the bar area and the dance floor to match the rest of the marquee.

The best part about having a marquee event, is that it will be personal, unique and catered to you and your loved ones. You can choose to do it all yourself or even let a professional design your perfect party, wedding or corporate event. For more information on marquee hire and help with decorations ideas, visit

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