The Benefits of Using Live Streaming to Broadcast Events


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Live streaming is a great way to view a live event without actually being there. Live streaming also reduces operating costs for businesses. Some businesses utilize live streaming as a component of their on-air training programs to teach new employees without actually having them in the classroom. When hosting a live online event, also consider the additional cost of accommodations, travel, and production staff.

If you are an event planner, your costs go down dramatically if you go live streaming. Live event planners generally pay fees per view, meaning that the more people you show live, the more times you pay for the privilege.

While this means overall prices go down, the number of views will stay roughly the same, since streaming only shows a select number of people at any given time. Therefore, you have less control over what people see, but you do have control over how long they stay and how many times they watch.

Another advantage is that you have access to your broadcasts 24 hours a day. Most people only check their blogs during the morning or evening, so if you want to keep your audience up to date, you’ll want to show live videos during all hours of the day.

This also means that if there is a particular day of the week that you have special events, you can show your viewers up to date information about those events.

Whether you are using live streaming Singapore to broadcast an in-person event like a workshop or seminar, or you are broadcasting an online video like a YouTube video, the advantage is that you can be almost anywhere at any time with your broadcasts, allowing you to reach your audience wherever they are.

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