Top Tips For Planning the Best (Affordable) New Year’s Party Ever

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A great, not soon to be forgotten New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be expensive. Rith some thought, planning, and the help of My Party Monster you can put together a cheap but awesome end-of-the-year bash that will allow you and your guests to welcome the New Year with fun and sensibly frugal flair:

Host it at Home

Let’s face it. Going out on New Year’s Eve is a pain, so not only will hosting your party at home save you money over renting a party space but it will also save your guests a lot of hassle.

Keep it Nice and Cosy

If you are hosting your New Year’s party at home you probably won’t be able to invite your whole Facebook friends list. But that’s probably a good thing. A smaller party with just a handful or two of close family and friends means less money to spend for sure, but it also means it’s cosier and more comfortable for everyone.

Say ‘Yes’ to Help

Whenever people are invited to an intimate party like the one we are suggesting you throw most will almost inevitably ask you if there is anything they can do to help, or bring, to make things go even more smoothly. Rather than shrugging off their offers and taking on all the responsibility yourself say ‘yes please’. From an extra pair of hands to help you with the New Year’s party to decor to a friend who can whip up a really great New Year’s Eve curry take all the help you can get. After all, you want to enjoy the big night as well, don’t you?

Save Money on New Year’s Party Supplies by Shopping Online

Yes, your house will probably still be decorated for Christmas, and that’s lovely, but any good New Year’s Eve party needs at least a few New Year’s party supplies. Hats, horns and streamers are a must, and a few New Year’s balloons are a nice touch as well. Save yourself the hassle – and the expense – of hitting the high street stores and order your party supplies online instead. It’s cheaper, everything is shipped to your door and finding everything you need is a cinch.

Don’t Make a Big Meal

Since New Year’s Eve parties tend to start later, skip the big meal. Your guests probably will eat dinner before arriving at your place.

Instead of a big spread, make some easy finger food. A cheese-and-cracker tray can also be an inexpensive way to feed guests if you buy chunk cheese and slice it yourself. And pizza is always popular, as are classic party foods like sausage rolls and crisps.

When it comes to booze, BYOB is a great way to go, but if you are sure that won’t be enough (which it may very well not) don’t go overboard with the bar. Beer, wine and pop for the designated drivers should be more than enough and it can all be purchased down at the supermarket easily and inexpensively (at least compared to off-license prices).

Set Up a Photobooth

You’ll want to have some entertainment, and nothing is hotter nowadays than photo booths. However, renting a booth can be hugely expensive.

Instead, make up your own by designating an area for guests to mug for the camera. Hang a sheet for a backdrop and have a bin of props — check online party supply stores like The Party Monster for boas, hats, large glasses and more — for friends to use. You don’t even really need to supply the camera – as most people have one on their phone – but if you have one, leaving an iPad or tablet out for snapshot use – loaded with an appropriate photo app – is a nice touch as well.

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