What Makes Electric Violin Unique?


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Electric violin is a totally different instrument from an acoustic or classical violin. Professional violinists know that, and as a beginner, you might also want to know that electric violin is something unique than any other string instrument. It has features that an acoustic violin cannot give, and if you’re going to explore something new, the electric violin is worth a try. Read on to see what makes an electric violin unique and why it is exciting to try.

What Makes Electric Violin Unique?

By definition, an electric violin is a string instrument built with an electronic output for sound amplification purposes. Unlike an acoustic violin which sound comes direct and naturally, and the volume of the sound solely depends on its solid body, which is the total opposite of the electric violin. For an electric violin to be heard, it is dependent on its electronic output, such as an amp. That technology is just one of the reasons that make an electric violin unique, here are other features of this instrument.

Easier to create sounds

Nobody said that an electric violin is less of a hassle to play and master, but you can definitely produce sounds a lot easier here. An electric violin’s strings aren’t that stiff to play with as compared to an acoustic violin. As a result, you can easily create sounds better than those of an acoustic violin. However, it will still boil down to how you play the electric violin that makes it easier or harder.

Wide creative music

An electric violin is popular in contemporary music genres like jazz and rock. The main reason is that it can reach and explore high ranges of tones that acoustic violins cannot. An electric violin is perfect to level up with today’s trend in music that explores different tone ranges. So if you are planning to become a trendsetter in music, the best electric violin will not fail you.

You can practice it with headphones

One advantage and remarkable feature of the electric violin is its sound playability. We all know that an acoustic violin has a direct sound, and you cannot play it silently even if you want to. The sound of traditional violins is loud and uncontrollable. With an electric violin, you could actually play silently through day and night. All you need to do is plug in your headphones, and you can practice as long as you want. This is the technology that manufacturers of electric violins are very proud of. Players can control the sound and record every session with less hassle. It’s a fun experience that you will miss with an acoustic violin.


Acoustic violins have been serving violinists for long years now, and we can’t deny that it’s a powerful instrument. However, as advancements continue to transcend the music industry, people are starting to discover that electric violins are just unique and perfect for today’s era. From the quality of its sound, playability, technology, design, ergonomics, and features, you’d blow your mind about the uniqueness it can give to performers and beginners like you.

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